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05:35pm 30/08/2006
mood: chipper
Okay, so I totally got a job... of course calling one of the owners of the store in which I'll be working a geek probably wasn't the best thing. I mean, it was meant as a compliment, anybody who knows me knows that I'm a geek and I love it, but I guess that it's different for other people. I forget that sometimes.

And yeah, semester two will be underway on the seventh, much fun. I'm taking an American Lit class, which should be interesting, and a sociology class, which will prove to either bore the shit out of me or get me interested enough to study dilligently. And of course my math will just piss me the fuck off.

So yeah, I start work at the Quick Stop (Yanno, that shitty little convience store off rt. 36?) tomorrow. Should have applied to RST instead x-X.

Note to self: Talk to Mr. Graves or Mr. Hicks about possible employee rental benefits. After talking to Mr. Graves I just know that there's got to be some quality flicks in stock.
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07:50am 27/08/2006
mood: blah
Things I Have to Do:

-Talk to Steve about respecting my privacy. I'm a paying renter, I want a fucking lock on my door so I don't have to keep barrakading it at night in my paranoia. Also, so that I don't have to worry about coming back and seeing that my underthings have been messed with... again.

-Change HtT's oil. No clue how long he'll last without that, though that might have to wait till I have funds.

-Visit Freehold and hang with Bri and Sam. Perhaps check on the Drunk to make sure she's paying the bills now that I'm not there to write out the checks for her and make her sign them.

-Stop watching RENT once a day. It isn't healthy for the ears of those around me. Plus I don't want to sing about leather and dildos and "mucho masterbaition" in a public place again.

-Transfer the rest of my CDs onto my iPod, the Sex Pistols, while awesome, can get tiresome after repeated listenings.

-Rent "V for Vendetta". I wanna see that shit again.
Wow, just wow.   
10:35pm 16/08/2006
  Some people have far too much time on their hands


What... tha fuck?

Do these guys realize that we're not laughing with them... we're lauging at them?

Just when I start thinking I'm bad... having heated debates with friends on weither Sirius Black was gay (He so totally was, shuddup), I find two people who write songs about Harry Potter, and perform them while dressed as Harry Potter, and even sometimes claim to BE Harry Potter.

The scariest thing is that there's a whole "wizard rock" movement apparently.

Ho-ley Shiiit.
Introductions suck   
06:43pm 16/08/2006
mood: blah
Yeah, so, some people I knew in Freehold want me to write in an online journal, so, I'm posting damnit.

Also, Hank the Tank is still running, if only slightly. It's amazing for a car I got for 100 dollars.